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It is well known within the industry that Italian leather is the finest in the world!

Our leather is made from 100% Italian hides, produced in the heart of Tuscany in one of the very best, most renowned tanneries to have ever existed. We take great pride in our leathers and know the exact process as to how our luxurious goods are made and who they are made by. We insist on only ever using the very finest quality vegetable tanned and full grain leather from the highly respected Italian Consortium of Leather Tanners.

We make it our responsibility to only select premium full grade Italian hides which are perfectly suited for Maxwell Scott products. These top quality hides are known within the industry as being some of the best in the world. Not only do we only ever use vegetable tanned leather, but we also never use any cheaper imported foreign second or third grade hides that may have been corrected or polished due to flaws and marks. All of our hides are 100% Italian. Other hides may look visually similar online and can still be classed as "Italian vegetable tanned leather", however, they will not offer the same beautiful longevity, characteristics, thickness and durability of true Maxwell Scott Italian hides, and may well have been imported from other countries.

Through use, our luxury leathers will alter beautifully in colour and gain unique characteristics whilst remaining both robust and sturdy. Amazingly, with our leathers normal wear and tear scratches can be buffed out effortlessly! This is a truly unique feature which not many manufacturers can boast about.

We aim to provide beautiful products which are not only functional, but improve over time and with use. We believe our leather truly does this, and thus creates a truly exceptional and unique product which only the most prestigious fashion houses choose to utilise. Not only do our leathers look, smell and feel absolutely beautiful, but they have been made to stand the test of time. We are so confident about the longevity of our quality leathers that we even offer a lifetime guarantee on every product.

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