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Leather Doctor Bags
Made from luxury Italian leather, our beautifully handmade leather doctor's bags are a stunning career investment. Perfect for the up-and-coming medical student or the impeccably styled doctor.

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A modern take on a stunning classic, the leather doctor's medical bag is the perfect professional tool.

After much demand, we have brought out a range of leather doctors bags. Each hardwearing leather doctors bag is designed to improve with use. Made from fine Italian vegetable tanned leather, each doctors bag in leather is handcrafted to the highest standard and will undoubtedly become a treasured possession over the years.

Maxwell Scott exceptional leather doctor’s bags provide countless uses for the professional gent. Highly organised and classically designed, these smart and sophisticated quality doctor’s bags for men will become essentials for busy professionals. Handmade in Tuscany using premium Italian leather, our beautiful medical doctor’s bags not only look the part but are made to last an entire lifetime. Each and every bag has been handcrafted with outstanding attention to detail to ensure they can be used every day with ease.