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dry january

How To Thrive In January Sans Alcohol

After all of the excesses of December, here is why we should all be taking part in Dry January and how to thrive whilst doing so…

The Benefits
dry january
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A reduction of, or complete abstinence from, alcohol during January will quickly provide benefits which will ensure that it is a month in which you thrive.

Firstly, one of the most significant benefits of a lower alcohol consumption is improved sleep. Not only will you be able to establish a more consistent sleep pattern, but the quality of sleep will also be boosted. This is due to the fact that, according to a review in the Alcoholism Clinical & Experimental Research journaldrinking moderate or high amounts of alcohol decreases REM sleep. The REM sleep stage is important because it provides soothing, restorative sleep. Thus, alcohol degrades the quality of sleep and limits the benefits that sleep offers for productive, thoughtful days. 

“In 2018, 88% of Dry January participants saved money, 71% had better sleep, and 58% lost weight.” – Charity Alcohol Change UK

Unsurprisingly then Dr Richard de Visser, a reader in Psychology at the University of Sussex, found in a 2018 study concerning Dry January that 57% of those who took part had better concentration levels. This is among many other physical health benefits such as better hydration, reduced blood pressure and better liver function. 

Lastly after a month of reduced drinking, depending on your base level, you should also see an improvement in your skin and possible weight loss. There are, therefore, a multitude of reasons as to why Dry January should be embraced as a positive commitment which will enhance the gloomy January days.

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What To Do At Events
dry january

Understandably an evening out can be a challenge but there are plenty of techniques to tackle the age-old question: what to do whilst you are out and not drinking alcohol.

For example, easiest perhaps, is to break the routine of the same pub or wine bar and try something different for a gathering with friends. This can alter habitual behaviour and mean that there is less of a focus in general on drinking. Moreover, simply be confident. Dry January is a commitment that you have made for yourself and that is all that matters.

Otherwise it can be helpful to find a kindred spirit. This way you will have a comrade for those evenings whether that be after-work drinks or a dinner party. Additionally you will have a companion to know when it is time to exit proceedings – another very important tool to employ during Dry January to maximise your enjoyment of events. In essence, always go, always know when to leave. Dry January is never a reason to lessen your social life, it just takes a little more thought and perhaps a mocktail or two…

The Art Of The Mocktail

Not drinking does not mean that the pleasure of a few post-work evening drinks has to be diminished at all. In fact, exploring the mocktail menu provides plenty of options. One of which is Seedlip. Seedlip aims to, and most definitely succeeds at, encouraging us all to experience the highest quality distilled non-alcoholic spirits. The venture was inspired by nature and a seventeenth-century physician, John French, who published The Art of Distillation to document non-alcoholic recipes of herbal distillations. Now Seedlip produces three spirits: Spice 94Garden 108 and most recently Grove 42 – all of which can be mixed for the perfect New Year mocktail.

Why not try a 1542 Vintage for example?

dry january
credit: seedlip.com




Seedlip Grove 42 : 35ml/1.5oz

Verjus: 50ml/2oz

Honey: 10ml/0.5oz

Cold Soda: Top


All built in a flute glass, enjoy.

or a Rosemary Booch?





Seedlip Garden 108: 50ml/2oz
Top w/ Kombucha: 100ml/4oz


Build in a glass and garnish with a rosemary sprig.

dry january
credit: seedlip.com

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Happy January.

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