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relaxing holidays

Holiday Detox | How To Unwind On Holiday

A summer holiday is the perfect time to detox, in terms of your health of course, but also from social media, work and the daily stresses of modern life. So pack up the desk and escape to calmer surroundings…

relaxing holidays

A summer holiday is a prime time to eat more consciously. Through reconnecting with what you are eating, your health will improve and with that, the revitalizing nature of a detoxing holiday will begin,


Eat locally and don’t over indulge – a trip to the market is always a wonderful way in which to absorb the culture of a town, mix with the locals (perhaps even practicing your linguistic skills) and to pick up fresh food that is truly nourishing.


Food is such a wonderful way in which to discover a country, but listening to your body and consuming food which is rich in flavour and sustenance is key. Take the time to choose and enjoy the adventure of local produce.

relaxing holidays


One of the best places to enjoy local cuisine in a restaurant which only cooks with the freshest of ingredients, including fruit and vegetables from their garden, is Chiva-Som in Thailand.

This ‘Haven of Life’ is settled amongst seven acres of tropical gardens, allowing you to escape into nature. The central focus being complete relaxation, personal development and rejuvenation. This serene resort will help rid of the stresses of the outside world, especially due to the strict no electronic devices policy in the public spaces.

It is the best way to totally unplug, reconnect with your body and find your energy again. You’ll be able to eat well, breathe and benefit from state of the art tailored wellness programmes.

Find more information here

relaxing holidays

In the modern world, social media plays such a significant role in our daily lives. According to Dr Mark Winwood, there are an estimated 2.3 billion social media users globally offering a diverse community previously unavailable in an instant. And yet, in many ways, this ‘false reality’ of carefully choreographed snapshots can warp perceptions.

Therefore a week or two without this perversion may be just the ticket to rediscovering your inner peace.


relaxing holidays
relaxing holidays

Away from social media platforms you can escape into a book – the best business books to delve into this summer can be found here – or a podcast. These are Maxwell Scott’s content writer’s top 3 podcast recommendations:

The Modern Mann

This podcast from Olly Mann is thoughtful, deep but still humorous. It is honest, realistic and informs on the latest trends from food to technology to fashion. Podcast royalty Mann is a witty guide and interviewer, delving into subjects which are unique and sometimes difficult. With five seasons, this podcast will last you hours of relaxation.


If you still haven’t listened to the first acclaimed season of Serial, a summer break is no better time to start.

A truly enthralling tale told in stages, this exploration into a murder case will have you hooked from beginning to end. Adnan Syed was convicted as a teenager for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, and here the case is examined from testimonies and evidence. True journalism and a classic ‘who-dunnit’ combine in the one of the most talked about podcasts of all time.


99% Invisible

This is a podcast about design which if done well is 99% invisible. It is insightful, unusual and educational. Each episode delves into a unique subject from looking at the reference point of average to a whole episode on the steering wheel. Short but in-depth this is a podcast which will allow you to learn a lot in brief chunks.




A touch of light exercise whilst holidaying will help you to recenter and de-stress from daily life. A swim whilst in sunnier climates is the perfect way to softly treat your body to exercise. But if you are planning to stay in the stunning British countryside, walking will allow you to exercise whilst enjoying the most beautiful of scenery.

You could explore the national parks around the country, such as Dartmoor’s national park with hidden treasure, Teign Valley. The Fingle Bridge walk in this area is breath-taking, weaving from north to south Devon through Exmoor and Dartmoor.

relaxing holidays
relaxing holidays
relaxing holidays


For a place to stay in Dartmoor, the Sojourn cottage is the ideal setting. This quintessentially English cottage offers a haven away from busy city life, even including its own private spa room.

With a touch of champagne in the copper bath tub, this is the place to slip into a deep relaxation away from the daily anxieties of life. It can be a place of total blackout if you choose – no phones, no social media, just days spent in Dartmoor’s moorland and quiet evenings in the cottage hideaway.

A place for romance, relaxation, and nature this stay will help you to slow down and rediscover your own pace.

Find more information here or call

+44(0) 1637 881183



Research from Booking.com has shown that 14% of us can not switch to holiday mode until we have had a sleep and yet sleep is elusive. Therefore before jet-setting, downloading the Headspace app will ease you into to a calmer holiday from the very start.

The Headspace app is a guided meditation to do each day. It helps you to de-stress, rid yourself of any anxiety and even,in fact, sleep better. A holiday is an ideal time to enter a pattern of meditation which could continue when home and improve daily life.

Spearheaded by previous Buddist monk Andy Puddicombe, this is relaxation which is proven by science.

relaxing holidays

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