stay healthy while travelling

Health and Well-being Tips For The Constant Traveller

Whether it is for the continuous voyage that is February fashion month, or business everyday, constant travelling can take its toll. Here are ten well-being tips for the jet-setter so that travelling the world can be as wonderful as it should be….

1. Find the time for a digital detox

A flight is the perfect time in which to take a digital detox. Rather than continuing the constant damaging screen exposure that prevails in our everyday lives, this time can instead be a restorative break in itself. It is the most simple of ways to prepare yourself for the inevitable busy timetable come touchdown.

2. Upgrade your travel skincare
stay healthy while travelling

Travelling can play havoc with your skin, so a month of travelling, or longer, is a perfect time to explore your skincare regime. But the good skin will only be an added bonus, as the beauty of upgrading your skincare is that it will add an element of effortless self-care to your trips. Look for products which will hydrate your skin (to counteract against dry aeroplane air) and which mean that you feel like your skin has been revitalised anew – all packed into a sleek wash bag of course.

3. Make sleep a priority
stay healthy while travelling

It’s a fact of life that that settling into a good sleep routine will always prepare you for the day ahead. Sleep equally needs to be a priority whilst you’re away. Ergo, make sure that you schedule into your plan time for a little sleep respite. That way, each day and evening can be enjoyed and utilised to the absolute fullest.

4. Don’t forget to exercise

Just like the necessity to maintain a positive sleeping pattern, continuing an exercise regime during your travels can help you to stay mentally and physically healthy. Even a brisk walk around the city, exploring the most beautiful sites, will do. The key is to establish a routine, which includes a touch of exercise all of the time, that does not feel like a chore. Simple, consistent and enjoyable.

stay healthy while travelling
5. Utilise apps
stay healthy while travelling

Apps are the perfect way in which to tackle any trip. Whether it is for maps, learning the language such as with Duolingo, or for everyday meditation with Headspace, they are the most uncomplicated way in which to make life easier.


stay healthy while travelling

6. Take Your Vitamins

Inevitably, your wellbeing whilst travelling can be improved by ensuring your physical health. So, prepare your immune system and maintain your energy levels by taking your vitamins. A dose of vitamin C for example is a powerful antioxidant which will help to prevent the common cold. It is essential to do your homework and find the set of vitamins which will fuel you during your travels.

7. Eat Well & Hydrate

Along with vitamins, eating well and continuing to hydrate is a simple way in which to maintain your jet-set well-being. The answer is never rocket science, they are just everyday principles translated into your travel plans.

8. Plan plan plan
stay healthy while travelling

Take the stress out of constant travelling with a significant dose of planning. This will remove any preventable anxiety which is always the aim for a happy and healthy traveller. For maximum ease, make sure that everything is arranged and organised into a smart document holder like the Torrino travel wallet.

9. Breathe and treat yourself
stay healthy while travelling

One of the most important ways in which to maintain your well-being during a constant period of travelling is by taking time out. This means scheduling time to breathe into your busy schedule by treating yourself with a massage for example. Constant travelling can be truly overwhelming and thus, this tip will prevent any boil-over moments.

10. Be retrospective

Ultimately travelling is very personal and therefore a period of analytical reflection after each trip can allow you to formulate what healthy travel periods mean to you. As is always said, practice makes perfect so learn what works well for you and stick to this routine.

stay healthy while travelling

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