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successful new year's resolutions

10 Tips | How To Make A Successful List Of New Year’s Resolutions

A list of New Year’s resolutions that lasts throughout the year can seem elusive but, with these ten simple tips as to how to make New Year’s resolutions work for you, it may just be that little easier come 2018…

successful new year's resolutions


They say Rome was not built in a day and the Italian craftsman in us at Maxwell – Scott knows this to be true. It is the same principle when it comes to making a list of successful New Year’s resolutions. Focus on one key area of your life, and build around that. Whether it be business, health and well-being, or perhaps expanding your horizons in other ways, the primary idea should be simple in its formulation, even if it remains grand in its completion.


In order to stay interested in your list of New Year’s resolutions, avoid previous resolutions that you have made or the usual ones which everyone vows to do. A resolution that is truly individual will always feel the most personal and therefore, the most inspirational. But, also, if you have tried and failed at sustaining a resolution over and over again across the years, then it is probably time to change tack and approach your aims in another way. So this year, do not follow the crowd, or resolutions that you have previously struggled with, and make changes that are meaningful.

successful new year's resolutions


Use your business knowledge and make S.M.A.R.T goals which are specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time-based. This will allow you to stick to and analyse your New Year’s resolutions as you would your professional ventures.



Undoubtedly a New Year’s resolution is a challenge, as it should be. However this means that rewarding yourself is key to feeling continued motivation throughout the year. This doesn’t need to be grand but a little something, which reminds you of achieving your milestones, is the perfect way in which to remember how far you have come. A keyring or cardholder, perhaps – in the finest Italian leather, of course – will provide you with a daily symbol of your progress. It can also work as a reminder to practice your resolution on a day-to-day basis, which will help to establish your new behaviour as a habit – helping to reinforce the accomplishments that you have already made.


It is safe to say that, despite everything, a resolution may still be broken from time to time. This is to be expected. So be kind to yourself and patient. There is no doubt that something is always better than nothing and thus, one must never feel disheartened by a momentary (or more extended) relapse. It is resilience that is key.



Once a goal is said out loud, and shared with family and friends, then it seems more set in stone. Then, your plans are public and more visible. You will also in turn become more accountable, to your friend or family member who will be able to informally check up on your progress, and to yourself. Hence, it can be truly helpful to tell someone you trust about your aims so that you can both be involved throughout the year.

successful new year's resolutions
successful new year's resolutions


If you are trying to alter a bad habit, or a set of them, then substituting in a more positive behaviour can help to satisfy those same desires. In essence it will mean that the whole process does not feel as difficult. For example, if your New Year’s resolution involves limiting your time on social media – to prevent endless hours of scrolling – then perhaps you download the Headspace app. Every time, then, that you feel the urge to hop onto twitter, instead you can complete a three minute mindfulness session. It is a two-for-one kind of deal: a resolved bad habit and a reinforced positive alternative.


Just as familial support can aid in your progression, so can joining a club. For example if your plan is to improve your health and well-being, then a weekly running group (of which there are many around the country) can prompt you to pursue your goals. Here you will meet people who are on a similar path to you and those who will inspire you to continue. As with anything, finding something that you truly want to do, and surrounding yourself with like-minded souls, will always mean that it the most enjoyable.

“Creating situations that involve positive peer pressure from trusted, respected and valued others is a good way to create accountability to stick with a new behavior”

– Professor Clayton Cook, 2016

successful new year's resolutions


A list of (surely successful) New Year’s resolutions can feel daunting as the busy spring months start once again to take hold, which is why it is important to keep track of your achievements. If you keep notes or a diary which lists the landmarks that you have reached, then, when lacking in motivation, you will hopefully be able to recognise what you have done so far throughout the earlier months. You can do this in style with the sleek Mozanno notebook which will only further encourage note-taking.



As step 5 says “something is always better than nothing”. Therefore if there is a resolution, or a list of them, that you are toying with attempting then 2018 is the time to take the plunge. Simply, just start…