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halloween 2017

Unique Ways To Spend Halloween 2017

If you’re tired of stereotypical pumpkins and witches and desire something more macabre and thrilling for Halloween 2017, take note of these unique ways to spend the spooky season…

halloween 2017
The Mizpah Hotel, Tonopah, Nevada

Location: This chilling hotel is situated in between the sandy cities of Las Vegas and Reno. Usually blazing with sun outside, it’s a different story once you step inside the mahogany doors.

Unusual Activity: As the rumour has it, a politician died in the Mizpah before an important election. Due to the unfortunate timing, the aides hid is death and kept his body in a bath of ice cubes. Now, it is known that visitors often hear an eerie laughter echoing from one of the hotel room’s bathtubs. A ghost known as ‘The Lady in Red’ haunts the hallways every night. It is thought that she is the spirit of a prostitute who was brutally murdered by her jealous ex-boyfriend outside room 504 on the fifth floor. Now named the Red Lady Suite, you are braver than most if you spend a night in this ghoul-riddled room.

Nature Morte, Guildhall Art Gallery, London

Location: The Guildhall Art Gallery is placed in the heart of London. Destroyed during the Blitz in 1941, the ornate building was restored to its former beauty in 1999.

Unusual Activity: The Nature Morte exhibition at this London gallery explores the impermanence of time and the rawness of mortality. From life to death, the exhibition displays the fragility of the human condition with over one hundred works of art, theming flora, fauna, the domestic object and vanitas. It’s chillingly blunt in it’s authentic approach to death – if you’re looking for some gloom and culture, this Halloween, this exhibition ticks both boxes. It will certainly make you think more philosophically for the evening. Book tickets for the exhibition, here.

halloween 2017
Kolmanskop, Namibia

Location: This dilapidated town is found in the vast Namibian desert.

Unusual Activity: A sinister reminder of Namibia’s German colonial past, the lost town of Kolmanskop is one of the eeriest places on the planet. The town was built by wealthy German natives in the Namibian desert during the diamond boom. As the jewels became more scarce, Kolmanskop’s residents fled south for new diamond discoveries. The town was declared desolate in 1954. Since then, the desert has engulfed the town, leaving large mounds of sand sweeping through the derelict buildings. Now, travelers are able to take a tour of the eerie town and experience the ghostly atmosphere left behind.

halloween 2017
Once Upon a Midnight Dreary, Century, London

Location: The Century Club is located in the vibrant, bustling hub of Soho in London.

Unusual Activity: For Halloween, the club on Shaftesbury Avenue is host to Once Upon A Midnight Dreary, an event honouring Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories, The Murders in the Rue Morgue. The exclusive member’s club will be open to the public during All Hallow’s Eve for a night of spooky frivolities. All four floors and the roof terrace (the biggest in Soho) will be riddled with musical morticians, velvet coffins and neo-burlesque performers. An opportunity to celebrate Halloween in a dramatic fashion, this theatrical ball is bound to be a hoot.

halloween 2017
Festival Of The Dead, Manchester
Location: Bowlers exhibition hall is situated in the centre of Manchester.
Unusual Activity: An opportunity to experience how Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead, this Hallows Eve event boasts a true carnival atmosphere with giant skull processions and spine-tingling circus acts – everything from fire breathers to contortionists. For the party-goers, it’s a chance to dress up in traditional Day of the Dead inspired costumes with colourful face paint and skulls galore. If you wish to jump on the bandwagon with this trending Halloween phenomenon, this Festival of the Dead party is bound to quench your thirst for spookiness.

The Old Lendal Leather Shop, York

Last Autumn, we shot some of our most classic collections in a dilapidated old leather shop in our home of York. We were the last to document this century-old building in its former state before it was knocked down for renovation. Its deterioration made for an eerily beautiful backdrop.