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Leather Attache Cases

Leather briefcase An attache case is the name given to a classic box styled briefcase often made of leather stretched over a hinged frame, which opens into compartments. Commonly carried by business people who carry papers, documents and these days laptops. Attache cases are particularly useful for business travellers who need to transport files and documents, and can use the case as a portable office. This style of case (given its name by diplomatic attaches), allows the user to exude an air of professionalism and remain organised whether working from home of travelling on a business trip. Maxwell - Scott have a variety of luxury leather attache cases suitable for those who wish to portray an image of solidity, professionalism and style.
Before choosing a leather Attache case, you should consider several things; what you need to carry in the case, what profession you are in, the length of your commute when carrying the case and last but not least what image you are trying to portray? Maxwell - Scott have several sizes of luxury leather Attache cases suited to the professional workplace. For example if you travel light and need to carry a few essentials, then the Scanno slim leather Attache may be the style for you. If you are instead in need of a portable desk, an organised workspace, and a home for your laptop, then the Buroni large leather Attache case would be more suited to your requirements. With two compartments separated by a removable shelf, and a whole host of pockets and sleeves within its organiser panel, this case is ideal. For a case which lies somewhere in between these two, the Strada expandable Attache case is for those who travel light most of the time but have the need to carry extra paperwork on occasion. Not forgetting the lawyers, medical representatives and pilots amongst us, Maxwell - Scott produce two luxury leather pilot cases with or without wheels, the Varese, which enables the user to carry lots of files, paperwork, laptop and more with flexible partitions. These are the two lightweight options in comparison to the heavyweight leather Attache case the Buroni.
Leather briefcase Once your style has been chosen you should not forget the quality of the case you are about to buy. Attache cases are elegant, traditional and timeless and should stand the test of everyday use for years to come. Make sure the handle is sturdy and well constructed, after all it will be carrying the weight of the case and its contents for a long time. Examine the stitching, this should be tight and even, no loose threads which signals weakness. The hinges within should be level and open freely, as should the combination locks as these will see a lot of use. All of Maxwell - Scott's leather Attache cases come with Cagiva combination locks which have a 25 year guarantee.
Finally once you have chosen the style and size of hard sided leather Attache case to purchase, consider what clothing will be worn for the majority of time you will be carrying the case. If in the legal profession, black is the most popular colour of Attache case purchased. If, however, you want a smart and casual option, dark chocolate leather can be worn with both suits and casual clothes with ease. Finally if you are lucky enough to wear the casual look each day then classic tan is the colour choice for you, this chestnut leather can be worn equally as well with jeans or a tweed racing suit. Maxwell - Scott produce all of their luxury leather Attache cases in three colour of leather to cater for all occasions. A truly worthwhile investment.
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