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Leather Briefcases for Men
A brand founded on supplying those in the corporate world with stylishly professional leather business bags, we think our top quality Italian leather briefcases for men are a timeless investment.

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The Style Guide – Men’s Leather Business Briefcases

At Maxwell Scott Bags, we know that a luxury leather briefcase is one of the most important work wardrobe investments a man will make. A smart style statement, a Maxwell Scott Bags handmade briefcase is a practical classic that will become a trusted work companion.

What Should You Look for in a Top Quality Briefcase?

Leather briefcase When shopping for a new business bag, you must think about your requirements. How much do you need to carry around with you? Large briefcases are fine, but if you don’t need the space then you may find yourself filling it with unnecessary items. If you need to organise small items, many of our Italian leather work bags, like the Lorenzo and the Paolo3, come with internal detachable organisational panels for items like your phone, business cards and pens. For those with little to carry, invest in a high-end briefcase with one internal section, like the Lagaro leather briefcase.

Next, consider your field of work. A formal workplace requires a smart, professional briefcase like the Tomacelli2, whereas in a more casual setting, a leather business bag such as the Messenger may be more appropriate. A specialised profession, such as one within the medical field, may require a specific type of case like the DonniniL leather medical briefcase.

One of the most important things to look for in a briefcase is the quality. There are certain factors you must consider when investing in a leather briefcase. The leather should be supple and yet firm without any sagging, the stitching should be tight and neat with no loose threads, and the fittings on the briefcase (locks, zips etc.) should be secure and sturdy. A poorly made briefcase will not stand the test of time! The best way to check the quality of a leather work bag before buying is to look at briefcase reviews.

When it comes to choosing the right briefcase for men, colour is another important aspect to consider. A black or chocolate leather briefcase is perfect for a smart working environment, whilst a chestnut tan briefcase is ideal for more casual situations. The colour you choose will also define how you style your business bag for work.

Styling Your Leather Briefcase

Male Leather briefcaseOnce an essential for workplace dressing, matching your shoes, belt and briefcase is no longer seen as a must. Mixing and matching is a great way to add a stylish edge to your work outfit. However, this tends to work better in more informal workplaces. For formal work attire, it’s best to stick to the traditional style and opt for one colour of leather.

Our full-grain leather briefcase bags come in chestnut tan, chocolate brown and black, three classic colours that perfectly accompany a smart suit. Having the right coloured leather to go with your suit is very important. Chocolate brown and chestnut tan leathers go perfectly with navy or blue suits, whilst black compliments grey and looks smart with a traditional black suit.

Whichever briefcase you choose, you can be guaranteed that an Italian leather briefcase from Maxwell Scott Bags will last you a lifetime.

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