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The Vittore Soft Grain

Men's Soft Leather Bifold Wallet


The Ticciano Soft Grain

Men's Soft Leather Billfold Wallet


The Pianillo Soft Grain

Men's Soft Leather Breast Wallet


The Alberi Soft Grain

Soft Leather Card Holder


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As an antidote to the fast fashion culture that currently dominates, at Maxwell-Scott we focus on the finest materials and craftsmanship. From the very beginning, our CEO and founder William Scott Forshaw searched tirelessly for the right factory, finally settling on a family run factory in Tuscany. Here, our artisans handcraft each wallet from full grain vegetable-tanned cowhides prized for their beauty and durability.

As a testament to this commitment and our artisans’ expert knowledge, each Maxwell-Scott wallet has a 25 year warranty. It is our responsibility to repair any manufacturing faults. This includes faults that may occur with zips, clasps or stitching. After all, these are wallets built to last years of daily use.

Please note our warranty does not cover damage caused by personal misuse or fair wear and tear over the natural life of your wallet. Nevertheless, if this is the case, our repair team would be happy to mend your wallet for a fee. Simply contact our customer service team for further information.

Tuscany is the home of the traditional Italian leather industry. Therefore, we source our cowhides from the Santa Croce sull’Arno region, an area renowned for producing the highest quality leather. Each of our wallets is handcrafted from this full grain vegetable-tanned leather by skilled artisans. This champions the beauty of the cowhide, celebrating its natural appearance.

Full grain leather refers to the strongest part of the hide. This is the layer farthest away from the flesh where the grain pattern is tightest. This close grain pattern is both durable and considered a highly attractive quality.

The leather is then vegetable-tanned. This means that the leather is tanned using dyes from bark extracts such as from the chestnut, mimosa and quebracho tree which results in a warm, rich tone. The process is also environmentally friendly as it is devoid of toxic chemicals unlike the more common chrome tanning process. As such, we are proud members of the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium.

Vegetable-tanning is a thoughtful and traditional way to tan the leather that takes up to 40 days. It is still a way of life for many in Tuscany. Moreover, it is another example of our commitment to artisanal craftsmanship and slow consumerism. Over time, as the leather is not chemically sealed, it will develop a unique patina. This desirable ‘lived in’ sheen is the hallmark of the finest leather. It creates heirlooms - completely unique to you.

Our wallets are available in three different leathers: Classico, Croco and Soft Grain.

Classico is our signature leather. Each of our wallets is available in this traditional leather which is the ideal option for the refined gentleman.

Croco refers to our faux crocodile leather. A selection of our men’s wallets have been crafted from this classic leather heat-embossed to reveal a mock croc print. For the sartorialist with individual taste, this finish is perfect.

Soft Grain is our newest and most modern leather. It has a butter-soft matte finish which suits the gentleman searching for a more relaxed everyday wallet.

At Maxwell-Scott, we focus on Italian leather craftsmanship and classic British design. This means that each of our wallets combines traditional artisanal workmanship with a smart look. They are men’s leather wallets to be appreciated for a lifetime.

As such, our wallets are designed to accommodate all of your daily essentials. Functionality is at the heart of these designs, alongside a smart appearance, which means that we offer a variety of men’s leather wallets. This is in terms of space for cards, notes and coins.

Ultimately, we crafts wallets for the modern gentleman, tailoring our traditional aesthetic to your modern lifestyle.

We handcraft wallets to last years of everyday use. As a result, it is important to find the wallet that is right for your needs. There are three key aspects to consider:

1. Size

The size of the wallet that you require depends on what you carry on a daily basis. For those who like to travel light, a card holder such as the Marco is suitable. With six card slots, it works well for the bare essentials on a daily basis or for an evening event. If, however, you prefer a slightly larger everyday wallet, our selection of bifold wallets are appropriate. The Ticciano and Vittore bifold wallets with coin section simply slip into a trouser pocket without adding too much bulk. Lastly, there are a few larger options for those who desire plenty of space. The Gallucio trifold wallet for example has 8 slots for credit cards, space for notes and a fold out section for ID/driving license.

2. Function

Next it is important to consider the function of your wallet. The Pianillo dress wallet for example includes 12 slots for credit cards for those who need to carry a significant number of credit and business cards. If, on the other hand, you mainly carry coins, the Savino horseshoe coin holder is a traditional men’s leather coin wallet with an interior tray to better view its contents. Lastly, if you need travel cards for the daily commute, the Vallata leather oyster travel card holder is a sleek addition to any briefcase.

3. Style

Lastly your wallet should be a reflection of your personal style. For the gentleman with traditional taste, the Pianillo tall jacket wallet in our traditional leather would suit due to its classic design. It is certainly the most professional wallet in our collection. Though if you have a more relaxed look, then one of our bifold wallets from the Alessio Wallet Collection is ideal. Handcrafted from our modern soft grain leather with a matte finish, these wallets add a contemporary touch to tradition.

It is truly important to fully consider exactly your daily requirements in order to maximise the longevity of your wallet. After all, it is built to last years of use.

Our embossing service is available to personalise your wallet or to create the perfect gift. This bespoke service can transform each wallet into a truly personal piece - perhaps with your initials or a sentimental date that you share. Usually, a set of initials are stamped into the leather with one of four coloured foil finishes. These are:

- Blind which means that there is no colour added during the embossing process. It is ideal for those who prefer a subtle approach to monogramming.

- Gold is a classic choice as it suits our classic chestnut and dark chocolate brown leathers.

- Silver likewise works best with black leather, offering a sleek aesthetic.

- Copper is lastly our most modern choice and can be used on any of the leather tones.

Whatever shade you choose, our embossing service really is the finishing touch to a wallet.

William Scott Forshaw founded Maxwell-Scott in 2002 as an antidote to the culture of fast fashion. After working in corporate London, he decided to create the perfect briefcase that was timeless and durable. Simply, a briefcase that would last an entire career.

Inspired by his mother’s interest in luxury Italian leather, William travelled to Tuscany in the search of the very best factory. After all, this is the epicentre of the traditional Italian leather industry. Here, he settled on a family-run factory with decades of knowledge. Then, using only the finest durable full grain leather, his flagship product was first created. The Paolo 3-sectioned briefcase unsurprisingly remains one of our best sellers.

In order to reflect our artisans’ knowledge and skill, each of our briefcases, luggage bags and wallets is accompanied by a 25 year warranty. They have been built to last a lifetime, aging beautifully over time as the leather develops a unique patina. This will create a distinct heirloom. Time in general is crucial to the creation of each Maxwell-Scott piece.

Due to the longevity of our pieces, we have established deep connections with our customers over the years. Quality is crucial to us at Maxwell-Scott and this is extended to the customer service we aim to provide. Our experienced team will efficiently reply to any of your queries be that before, during or after you have purchased from us.

Overall, our aim is excellence. We are dedicated to always providing you with the very best whilst supporting the traditional leather craftsmanship in Tuscany.

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