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Leather Wash Bags
Providing the perfect haven for all your products, our quality leather wash bags are made from our beautiful full-grain leather and are lined in a soft wipe-clean fabric.

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The Style Guide – Leather Wash Bags

When travelling luggage is always a first consideration and little thought is often given to toiletries. If however your toiletries are not stored and transported correctly, the contents of your luggage can be ruined, and your trip can be off to a bad start! Maxwell Scott's range of luxury leather wash bags contain a range of solutions to your travel requirements. Whether jetting off for an overnight business stay, a weekend away, or a long haul holiday, our range of leather wash bags have it covered. Made to last for many years, and built to last a lifetime, your toiletries will find a haven in one of our stylish leather dopp kits and shaving bags.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Wash Bag.

Leather wash bagYour trip is booked, your wardrobe planned but what about your toiletries? First you should consider the length of your trip, if it's an overnight or weekend stay then a smaller leather wash bag should suffice, if it's a longer trip with several destinations planned then a large leather wash bag or a hanging toiletry bag may be more suitable. Secondly do you like to unpack your toiletries at your destination, or do you prefer to delve into your wash bag each day? The Dunom leather wash bag and Dunol wash bag both have a bridge mechanism in the opening, allowing the top of the leather wash bag to remain open whilst in situ. If however you prefer your toiletries to be accessible, but do not wish to lay them out on the bathroom surfaces, the Cascina leather toiletry bag or the Pratello hanging toiletry bag may be more suited to your needs. Finally what style of luggage bag will your wash bag be packed into? If you need a soft style of leather wash bag that can be squashed into small spaces then the Raffaelle or Tanta fit the bill, if however your space isn't as limited the Dunol, or Cascina may be your answer.

What quality marks should I look for in a leather toiletry bag?

Leather wash bag When considering purchasing a leather toiletry bag, the lining material is something that should be noted. All Maxwell Scott leather wash bags come with a faux leather wipe clean durable lining. After all, accidents will happen and you want to be able to clean the interior and have it last as long as the exterior! Zips should also be sturdy as they will be used quite heavily if you travel a lot. Here at Maxwell Scott we use sturdy metal zips on the exterior to ensure our leather wash bags stand the test of time and travel! Finally functionality, will it serve the purpose you intend to use it for, and for which it was made? All that's left to consider now is which colour to choose! If you are a frequent business traveller then our luxurious black or dark chocolate Italian leather is ideal. If however you are looking for a leather toiletry bag with a more casual flair, our classic chestnut tan signature leather will be perfect. Happy travelling!

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