The Flero Large

Large Leather Luggage Bag


Was £610

The Maurizio

Leather Suitcase for Men


Was £709

The Duno Large

Large Mens Leather Wash Bag


Was £146

The Volterra

Luxury Laptop Briefcase


Was £460

The Pianillo Croco

Leather Breast Wallet


Was £113

The Vittore

Leather Billfold Wallet


Was £90

The Lorenzo

Small Leather Briefcase - 1 Section


Was £285

The Paolo - 2 Section

Classic Leather Briefcase


Was £449

The Tomacelli - 2 Section

Large Leather Briefcase


Was £496

The Ravenna Soft Grain

Classic Leather Shoulder Bag For Men


Was £450

The Paolo - 3 Section

Classic Leather Briefcase


Was £478

The Jesolo - 2 Section

Leather Satchel Briefcase


Was £452

The Buroni

Large Leather Attache Briefcase


Was £610

The Battista

Leather Briefcase Bag - 2 Section


Was £374

The Barolo

Leather Document Case


Was £302

The Alanzo

Men's Leather Briefcase - 2 Section


Was £454

The Gallucio

TriFold Leather Wallet


Was £98

The Rovello

Leather Suit Carrier


Was £945

The Tanta

Large Mens Leather Toiletry Bag


Was £152

The Santino Medium Soft Grain

Leather Messenger Bag


Was £350

The Marco

Leather Credit Card Wallet


Was £37

The Flero Small

Small Leather Holdall Bag


Was £448

The Santino Medium

Leather Messenger Bag


Was £370

The Varese

Leather Pilot Case


Was £629

The Scanno

Slimline Leather Attaché Case


Was £542

The SantinoL - (Last Season)

Large Mens Shoulder Bag


Was £278

The Athenea - (Last Season)

Women's Leather Tote Bag


Was £263

The Maxwell - Scott Winter Sale


Enjoy up to 70% off selected leather bags and accessories for a limited time only.


As all our leather creations are handcrafted in Italy, please be aware that stock levels may become scarce quickly. It is recommended that you choose your desired sale items hastily to avoid any disappointment.


Our sale is only live for a matter of weeks so order swiftly to secure your coveted sale items before they run out of stock.
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