The Liliana Large

Ladies Leather Luggage Bag


Was £568

The Gassano Large

Large Leather Gladstone Bag


The Atella

Leather Watch Case


The Gassano Medium

Medium Leather Gladstone Bag


Was £642

The Farini

Leather Holdall Bag (Cabin)


Was £523

The Fabrizio

Leather Travel Luggage


Was £454

The Flero Small

Small Leather Holdall Bag


Was £448

The Centolla

Leather Bum Bag


The Torrino

Leather Travel Wallet


The Chia

Small Makeup Bag


The Ortona

Ladies Travel Clutch


The Cascina

Luxury Toiletry Bag


Was £282

The Raffaelle

Leather Wash Bag


The Pratello

Leather Hanging Toiletry Bag


Was £242

The Duno Medium

Medium Leather Wash Bag


The Flero Large

Large Leather Luggage Bag


Was £610

The Mirabella Large

Italian Leather Heart Travel Case


The Mirabella

Heart Trinket Case


A luxury leather travel bag from Maxwell - Scott is a beautiful investment that will become a trusted travel companion. Made from vegetable tanned leather, our luggage pieces and accessories are designed to complement one another, allowing you to build a collection over the years.
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