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A Holy Appointment With Mr Jack Ashton

The nation’s most loved on-screen vicar discusses life outside of his acting duties…

I meet Mr Ashton on The Strand on a bright February afternoon in London. As we introduce ourselves, he is profusely apologetic. His car had broken down on the way to the gym earlier that morning and he had been rushing around to make it to our meeting on time. A reflection of his Call the Midwife character, holy man Tom Hereward, his manners are apparent from the minute we exchange hellos. Signs of a true English gentleman, some might suggest. With a wide smile and piercing azure blue eyes, it’s suddenly incredibly clear as to why he has stolen the nation’s heart, including that of his co-actor, Helen George. As the gripping finale of the latest Call the Midwife series aired last night, we took the opportunity to talk to Jack about his work, how he spends his weekends, and who he would be if he wasn’t acting…

jack ashton


Tell us about the best piece of career advice you have been given?
Work hard, play hard. To elaborate, work hard when you can and enjoy your time off when it comes.

Is there a character in fiction or literature you dream of playing?
If they ever made a film of The Regeneration Trilogy books by Pat Barker, I would love to play Billy Prior.

The most meaningful project you have done?
I’m in the middle of doing that one, I reckon. We are making a documentary to highlight the rise of suicide in young men.

Movies that have changed your life?
The Godfather Part I, West Side Story and Drive.

A quote from a movie that is permanently etched on your brain?
‘Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…’ – The Godfather Part III.

You’re stuck in a creative rut. What do you do?
I have come to realise that an hour-long nap helps solve a multitude of issues.

If you were guaranteed to be successful in a different profession, what would you do and why?

I would definitely be a politician so that I could sort the Labour party out once and for all!

What does an average weekend look like for you?
Football, football, and football. When football isn’t on the cards, I catch up with friends, take the dog on a long walk and sleep lots, of course. I like simplicity at the weekends.


Where do you go to recharge?


Kerala, India.

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jack ashton


Favourite London hangout for dining?


Bob Bob Ricard, Soho.


Suits or Separates? Suits
Brogues or Loafers? Brogues
Briefcase or Satchel? Satchel
Tie or Open Collar? Tie
Black or Navy? Navy
Polo Neck or Crew Neck? Polo

Travel Holdall or Wheeled Case? Hold-all
Stripes or Checks? Checks
Bifold Wallet or Card Holder? Bifold
Jeans or Chinos? Jeans
Sweaters or Hoodies? Sweaters
Trench Coat or Tailored Epsom? Trench


Jack carries the Calvino soft briefcase in our signature black Classico leather. The bread-and-butter case for any discerning modern gentleman, the Calvino offers a minimal design and impeccable multi-functionality. Ashton tends to accompany his Calvino with a relaxed tailored style, blending his structured Epsom coat with a marl grey polo, sleek black denim and tan leather brogues.