Caring for your Maxwell-Scott bag or accessory is simple due to the superiority of our chosen leather, but you may wish to read up on the finer details to avoid accidental damage to your treasured item. If you take care of your leather, it can last you a lifetime - and maybe even generations to come.

Our Leather

Our naturally tanned leather is sourced from the full-grain part of the cowhide, bearing the tightest and most durable structure. Because of this, it requires relatively little care: there’s no need for frequent cleaning, and scratches or marks from daily wear and tear can be polished out with ease. Unlike imitation leathers, our leather only gets better with age when exposed to the elements, developing a covetable patina over time.

Our Different Leathers:

Our signature leather. Traditional and durable, this is full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather of only the finest quality.
Sleek and elegant, our textured pebbled leather is favoured for its scratch and abrasion resistant properties.
Nappa is our soft, bright leather with a supple texture: in vivid hues like petrol and hot pink, it provides a true pop of colour.
Our Croco is created through the process of heat-embossing leather with a crocodile print to reveal a unique, textured leather with a timeless aesthetic.
Suede leather is the soft, velvet-like underside of the hide. Although it’s smooth to the touch, it is also incredibly long-lasting.
soft grain
With the most modern finish, our Soft Grain leather is both butter-soft and matte, lending itself well to more casual attire.

General Care

We believe in leaving fine quality leather to breathe, but if you do need to spruce up your Maxwell-Scott bag, here’s how we would recommend doing it:

NOTE: These care recommendations are for cowhide only, and are not designed to be used on your suede bag.

clean your leather
You won’t need any special products to keep our vegetable-tanned leather looking its best: simply dip a clean cloth in a soap and water solution and gently wipe the surface of your bag.
condition your leather
We wholeheartedly recommend Skidmore’s leather cream for some extra TLC: it’s by far our favourite. Made from natural oils and beeswax, you’ll find that regular use may even build a degree of waterproofing on your leather.
use chemicals or saddle cleaner
Please do not use chemical products to clean your bag. Chemical cleaners and conditioners can damage the surface of your leather bag or small accessory, causing more harm than good.
expose to heat or damp
Avoid getting your bag wet if possible. If you do get caught in the rain, gently blot away any drops of water and let your bag dry naturally. Do not place your bag next to a radiator or attempt to dry it with a hair dryer.

How To Clean Suede

One general rule: protect your suede from water. Water not only stains the suede, but also alters the grade pattern – so you should never use a water-based cleaner. If you notice a mark whilst the suede is still wet, wipe it off as soon as possible with a cloth: buffing with the cloth should absorb most of the dampness and limit the damage. In order to dry the mark completely, you can also apply cornstarch or talcum powder and leave the suede to rest overnight.

For persistent stains, we’d recommend using a classic suede rubber such as the Nubuk Box. These rubbers are double-sided, with one rough edge for cleaning the suede and a second more supple side for removing dust and polishing.

Learn more about caring for suede here >

Storing Your Leather Bag

If you choose not to use your Italian leather bag for a prolonged period of time, it’s best to store it in a breathable fabric dust bag. Not only will this protect your bag from dust, but it’ll also prevent its eventual discolouration due to sunlight. This applies to all our leathers.

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