The Lorena Nappa

Leather Makeup Brush Bag


The SantinoM

Leather Messenger Bag


Was £350

The Ravenna

Classic Leather Shoulder Bag For Men


Was £450

LilianaS Croco

Womens Leather Bowling Bag


The Rosa Croco

Womens Leather Handbag


The Fiorella Croco

Womens Leather Briefcase


The Mirabella

Heart-shaped Coin Purse


The Mirabella (Croco)

Heart-shaped Purse


The MirabellaL (Croco)

Handbag Organiser


The Prato Nappa

Leather Passport Case


The Mimi Nappa

Ladies Key Ring


The Vallata Nappa

Leather Travel Card Holder


The Felice Nappa

Luxury Leather Pencil Case


The Chia Nappa

Womens Leather Makeup Bag


The LilianaS

Leather Bowling Bag


The Felice

Leather Pencil Case


The Mirabella Nappa

Heart-shaped Coin Purse


The Sabina

Leather Purse with Clasp


Was £74

The Chia

Small Makeup Bag


The Palermo

Leather Bucket Bag


Was £250

The Athenea

Leather Tote Bag


The SantinoM

Leather Messenger Bag


Was £370

Ticciano Croco

Mens Wallet with Coin Pouch


The Vittore Croco

Leather Billfold Wallet


The Pianillo Croco

Leather Breast Wallet


Was £113

The Marco Croco

Mens Leather Card Case


The Calvino Croco

Italian Leather Soft Briefcase


Was £510

The Sabina Croco

Leather Frame Coin Purse


Was £77

The Dimaro Croco

Crocodile Document Folder


The Forino Croco

Medium Leather Ziparound Purse


The Sparano

Leather Backpack


Was £238

The New Arrivals by Maxwell - Scott

A New Era

Discover the latest leather pieces from our most recent collections - Emilia, Bella, Alessio and Classic Men's. With iconic designs rejuvenated and new shapes created, these modern leather bags and accessories, launched in 2017, epitomise a new era for Maxwell - Scott. Experience softer full-grain leathers, brighter colours and relaxed silhouettes.

Fine Craftsmanship

One touch of the grain or one smell of the surface and you'll be hooked. Our new bags and accessories are handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans in the heart of Florence, Italy, where century-old experience makes them the best in the world.

Unique Journey

Our new designs will take you on a journey. Watch our latest bags and accessories develop a unique leather patina over time, improving with each wear. A lifetime investment, all our products come with a 25 year warranty - proof that we wholeheartedly believe in their quality.
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