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The New Arrivals by Maxwell Scott Bags

Classic Design

Staying true to our signature classic style, our new additions are designed with a traditionally British aesthetic in mind. Handmade in vegetable-tanned leather in the iconic leather region of Tuscany, Italy, you will have never experienced leather like ours before.

Fine Craftsmanship

One touch of the grain or one smell of the surface and you'll be hooked. Our new bags and accessories are handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans in the heart of Florence, Italy, where century-old experience makes them the best in the world.

Unique Journey

Our new designs will take you on a journey. Watch our latest bags and accessories develop a unique leather patina over time, improving with each wear. A lifetime investment, all our products come with a 25 year warranty - proof that we wholeheartedly believe in their quality.

Browse our latest arrivals, including luxury cases for your new smartphone and small accessories to improve your daily life, from pocket-sized diaries to compact key holders.
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