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The Duno Large

Large Mens Leather Wash Bag


Was £146

The Torrino

Leather Travel Wallet


The Gassano Large

Large Leather Gladstone Bag


The Atella

Leather Watch Case


The Flero Extra Large

Extra Large Leather Travel Bag


The Flero Large

Large Leather Luggage Bag


Was £610

The Piazzale

Wheeled Leather Trolley Case


Was £680

The Maurizio

Leather Suitcase for Men


Was £709

The Raffaelle

Leather Wash Bag


The Tanta

Large Mens Leather Toiletry Bag


Was £152

The Pratello

Leather Hanging Toiletry Bag


Was £242

The Duno Medium

Medium Leather Wash Bag


The Cascina

Luxury Toiletry Bag


Was £282

The Giovane Medium

Medium Canvas Travel Holdall


The Flero Small

Small Leather Holdall Bag


Was £448

The Giovane Large

Large Canvas Luggage Bag


The Farini

Leather Holdall Bag (Cabin)


Was £523

The Fabrizio

Leather Travel Luggage


Was £454

The Dino Medium

Medium Leather Holdall


The Dino Large

Wheeled Leather Duffle Bag


Was £752

The Rovello

Leather Suit Carrier


Was £945

The Gassano Medium

Medium Leather Gladstone Bag


Was £642

The Centolla

Leather Bum Bag


The Varese

Leather Pilot Case


Was £629

Our beautiful collection of leather luggage is made to travel the world. Whether it is romantic weekend away for two or an important business trip, our Italian leather travel luggage and accessories are the ideal accompaniments to your journey. From weekend bags to travel wallets, we have everything that you will need to indulge your wanderlust and keep your belongings safe and stylish.
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