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From the very beginning, it has been crucial to our CEO and founder William Scott Forshaw to provide an industry-leading 25 year warranty. This is due to our unique focus on crafting the finest quality, durable pieces. Our skilled artisans produce each of our vegetable-tanned Italian leather bags, briefcases, wallets and accessories in the heart of Tuscany, the traditional home of the Italian leather industry. Therefore, it is our responsibility to repair manufacturing faults such as zips, clasps, stitching or otherwise.

Our 25 year warranty as such is a reflection of our dedication to craftsmanship. This relates to William’s belief in creating pieces which can be passed down from generation to generation. More generally, we aim to act as an antidote to the fast-fashion culture, instead focusing on slow, sustainable consumerism. We craft pieces to last decades.

Please note that we do not cover damage caused over the natural life of your purchase by personal misuse or fair wear and tear. Nevertheless, our repair team is happy to mend your piece for a fee if this is the case.

Our western cowhides are sourced from a world-renowned area for producing high-quality leather - the Santa Croce sull’Arno region of Tuscany. Tuscany, after all, has been the epicenter of the traditional leather industry for centuries. At Maxwell-Scott, we only use full grain vegetable-tanned leather. Full grain leather is regarded as the finest quality due to the fact that it is the strongest part of the hide, farthest away from the flesh. Importantly, this means that our leather is durable and attractive due to the close grain pattern.

In order then to enhance the beauty of this natural grain, our leather is vegetable-tanned. This is a traditional process which uses dyes extracted from the bark of trees like chestnut, quebracho and mimosa. It is a way of life for many in Tuscany. The process in full takes up to forty days and results in a rich depth of colour. Crucially, no toxic chemicals are used which ensures that vegetable-tanning is environmentally friendly. The contrasting chrome tanning process on the other hand requires the use of acids and other chemicals, as well as chromium sulphates, which can end up in our waterways. We believe therefore in the importance of vegetable-tanning. As such, we are members of the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium.

Our full grain leather is available in three finishes: Classico, Croco and Soft Grain.

Classico refers to our signature leather. It is ideal for the gentleman with traditional taste.

Croco means our mock croc leather. Our signature classico leather is heat-embossed to reveal a faux crocodile print which is a contemporary twist for the gentleman with individual style.

Soft Grain is unique in its matte finish and is perhaps our most modern leather option. Consequently, this butter-soft leather is ideal for the gentleman with a more relaxed look.

As all of our leathers are not chemically sealed, they develop a unique and attractive patina as you handle the leather day after day.

Patina is a highly desirable sheen that develops on the surface of the leather over time and with use. It is the hallmark of the very best quality natural leather. In essence, it is the manifestation of the natural ageing process. It is individual. The ‘lived in’ nature of patina means that the leather absorbs the world around you. Sunlight and heat, for instance, emphasises the golden tones of leather whilst rain and sea water will leave splash marks. The natural oils then from your hands will also cause darker patches to form. Patina creates an heirloom totally unique to you.
At Maxwell-Scott, we are committed to classic British design. In this way, our luggage collection includes traditional leather Gladstone bags, our wallet edit features a jacket pocket wallet and we provide a selection of leather attaché cases.

Nevertheless, we are conscious of the functionality required for modern life. Therefore, we design each of our pieces so that they marry a smart, classic aesthetic with contemporary practicality. For instance, we provide leather laptop/iPad case in order to protect your tech from any scratches and scrapes. Moreover, many of our briefcases and work bags feature a padded section to carry a laptop on the commute day after day.

Overall, we design with the modern gentleman in mind, creating pieces which will mold to your daily life.

Maxwell-Scott was founded by William Scott Forshaw over 15 years ago. His primary focus was to create a briefcase to last an entire career - beginning with the Paolo 3-Section traditional briefcase. He searched tirelessly for the right factory to make this briefcase. Though, as the epitome of fine Italian artistry, he settled on a family-run factory in the heart of Tuscany. Here, in the traditional leather industry, our skilled artisans now handcraft each of our pieces from the finest vegetable-tanned full grain leather. Our 25 year warranty is testament to this durable leather and their workmanship. After all, this guarantee was imperative for William from the very beginning as he designs pieces to be passed down from generation to generation.

Over these years, we have formed deep connections with our customers. It is important to us to provide the very best service for your purchase and the following years. Thus, our customer service team will always be there to efficiently help you will any queries.

Ultimately, our primary aim is to serve you whilst upholding the heritage of British design and the Italian leather industry.

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