Before our first products were ever created, Maxwell-Scott founder William Forshaw was determined to research and source the highest quality leathers available - a process that would take him several years. William’s pursuit for exceptional quality finally led him to the most prestigious tanneries in Tuscany, Italy: the epicentre of the leather industry. It was here that he would discover our signature ‘Vachetta leather’ - the purest and most coveted type of leather in the world.

20 years on, we continue to use this unrivalled leather for all of our products, alongside the same traditional leather crafting and sustainable tanning techniques which have been in existence for hundreds of years.
luxury leather italy

The Chestnut Tree

A horse chestnut tree sits majestically in the centre of a green paddock in the English countryside. It’s Autumn and the leaves are beginning to bleed from green to gold. As a gentle breeze blows, its branches sway in the cool October air. A chestnut falls to the ground. Encased in its spikey flesh, the conker gleams in the low sunshine, its rich hue and earthy scent suddenly exposed to the world.

If you walked into Maxwell ~ Scott’s factory in Italy, you’d most likely pick up notes of the same scent. Our leather is tanned with chestnut tannin extracts. The nut and bark from a chestnut tree is ground into a powder and soaked into the hides in large drums for hours. This natural, age-old process of tanning offers a sustainable and organic approach to dyeing leather. Maxwell–Scott fully advocates this technique, helping to keep the tradition alive.

luxury leather italy

100% Full Grain Leather

We’ll never settle for less than quality of the highest standard. At Maxwell-Scott, we continue to choose the finest full grain Italian leather for all of our men’s bags, women’s bags and accessories, as this leather is renowned for its premium quality and resilience.

By choosing full grain leather, we’re able to leave the surface of the hide unaltered, preserving the high quality, durability and aesthetic of the leather. This type of leather is the purest and most resilient in form as it’s sourced from the uppermost part of the hide. This is where the fibres are tightest, owed to exposure to the elements.

All of our leather is certified by the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium, whose hand-selected members promote the ancient method of sustainable vegetable tanning. We're proud to say that we only use full grain leather that’s a byproduct of the food industry, as part of our commitment to sustain eco-conscious practices.

Sustainably Vegetable-Tanned

We honour a centuries-old sustainable method that’s been trusted by our partners for decades to tan our full grain leather. During a fully natural and organic process, chestnuts and bark from a chestnut tree is ground into a fine powder and soaked into fine quality hides, which rest in large wooden barrels for two months. We will never use chemical tanning - though this can be completed in as little as two days, we believe that it takes time to create a truly unique, high-quality product.

luxury leather italy

A Unique Patina

The top part of the hide is never altered by our craftsmen, as we prefer to preserve the natural strength, character and properties of the prestigious Vachetta leather. Because of this, each of our Italian leather bags and accessories lasts longer and is finished authentically, with markings unique to each keepsake. Over years of use, our exceptional signature leather will also develop a striking patina as it becomes exposed to the oils on your hands and the elements. The deep and earthy chestnut-tanned leather will subtly change in colour and appearance which is a highly desirable characteristic of pure, untreated leather, creating a product truly unique to the owner. It is said that an Italian leather bag's authenticity and quality can be determined by its ageing beauty.

Leathers you’ll love forever


Our classic full grain Italian leather is loved for its timeless, vegetable-tanned finish. After 20 years, we continue to choose this luxurious leather for our more traditional briefcases and classic accessories.


We heat-emboss our classic leather with a crocodile print to create this unique, statement leather. If you prefer a luxury finish with a modern twist, you’ll love our Croco leather.

Soft Grain

This exceptional quality leather is butter-soft to touch with an attractive grained texture. A contemporary alternative to our classic leather, our soft grain leather best complements smart-casual silhouettes.


Sleek and elegant, this leather has a raised, pebbled-shaped texture to the surface. Its classic aesthetic and scratch-resistant properties make it the perfect choice for structured, ready-to-go handbags.


Our smooth and supple Nappa leather comes in a range of bold and beautiful hues, from blush pink to petrol. Where a neutral shade just won’t do, we’ve turned to this versatile, contemporary leather.


There’s no leather softer to the touch than our premium suede leather. Sourced from the velvety underside of the hide, our signature suede is as durable as it is stylish.


We will never make compromises when it comes to quality. Along with our full grain hides, we choose the best linings to complement our prestigious leathers, from breathable pure cotton to lightweight faux leather.

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