“Our love for leathercraft begins with the journey of our products and ends with our satisfied customers”

The Design Process

Ever since the brand began, we’ve been inspired by understated Great British design and timeless silhouettes, reimagining heritage favourites with our valued customers’ requirements in mind. To this day, each of our Italian leather keepsakes are still designed in-house by Maxwell-Scott Founder & CEO, William Forshaw, alongside our creative team.

Our commitment to detail and innovative design means that a labour of love goes into creating every new, luxurious briefcase, from the design room to the boardroom. The design journey takes months to complete to ensure each new product meets our high standards of quality, aesthetics, functionality and durability.

First Sketch → Working sample → Revisions → Material & hardware selections → Final sample → Launch

Improving & Evolving

All of our timeless bags and accessories have been designed to last for decades, but we remain conscious of changes to lifestyles, particularly our customers’ business needs. Technology advancements have led to requests for upgrades to our current much-loved product lines, which we are more than happy to invest in.

At Maxwell-Scott, you can trust that our new collections have been tailored to genuine feedback we receive and popular demand for new features, including padded compartments for laptops, A4 folders and mobile phones.

The Evolution of The Paolo Briefcase

In 2002, Maxwell-Scott founder William Forshaw began to conceive an antidote to the throwaway fashion culture he observed elsewhere, starting with his first ever creation: the classic Paolo2. A traditional Italian men’s leather briefcase crafted from world-class quality leather, the Paolo2 is still a bestseller today, much-loved for its classic silhouette, skilfully designed interior and unrivalled durability.

Over 20 years later, The Paolo2 has received 7 key enhancements, including new premium hardware, refinements to the strap, and redesigns to interior panels to accommodate modern users' needs. As well as the redesigns of the original, we’ve also introduced new styles to the collection by launching the Paolo 3-section and the Paolo Large - so you can select the design that best suits your busy lifestyle.

Styles for Every Lifestyle

Maxwell-Scott’s early vision was to become a brand regarded solely as producing the best-in-class Italian leather briefcases, but as our reputation for creating high-quality leather goods grew, so did the demand for more products.

Our customers began to request additional items to complement their briefcases such as wallets, purses and office accessories. Amongst the first of our new releases was The Vittore Bifold Leather Wallet which became an instant success. Much like our leather briefcases, this sleek and stylish wallet proved to stand the test of time: it’s still available to purchase today, alongside our newer soft grain and croco print editions.

We now stock over 100 sustainably crafted briefcases and business bags, luggage bags, handbags, wallets and purses, as well as personalisable leather accessories and luxury gifts. Whether you’re investing in a luxury leather keepsake for yourself or gifting a loved one, you’ll find leather creations you’ll love forever at Maxwell-Scott.

The Finishing Touches

We use only the finest locks and premium brushed hardware, promising long-lasting functionality and a polished aesthetic, always. We firmly believe that every detail is integral to the lifespan of your investment briefcase or bag, which is why each and every one of our luxury designs are covered by our exclusive 25-year guarantee.
YKK Excella®
All of our luxury bags and accessories are hand-finished with highly durable YKK Excella® zips - the best on the market. Benefitting from fully polished and plated elements that self-lubricate, our YKK zips will become smoother running over time, unlike cheaper alternatives.
Alce Alloy
We invest in industry-leading Italian Alce locks to keep your essentials secure, specially selecting this brushed mixed alloy style for its anti-rust and anti-corrosive properties. These world-class locks are also virtually indestructible: to date, none of our locks have ever failed.
Combination Locks
We also trust Cagiva combination locks for their outstanding reliability and security, favouring their twin combination and 3-dial lock design. The premium brushed brass finish of the Cagiva lock makes the perfect finishing touch to any briefcase, too
We’re proud to say that not one of our rolled handles has ever torn, due to our superior method of manufacturing. Each of our rolled handles are made by wrapping our signature leather around a thick high-quality rope, then double stitching it into the leather.
Reinforced lining
& Base panels
Most of our larger luggage bags and handbags are reinforced with double leather, adding shape and strength to the structure whilst preventing sagging when extra weight is added.
Improved stitching
When it comes to the stitching of a luxury bag, it’s all in the detail. Each of our designs are double stitched for unparalleled strength and reinforcement, using a thick twine composed of ½ cotton and ½ nylon.
Metal studs
For protection
Our expert craftsmen add premium metal studs to the base of all our luggage bags (and some of our handbags) to further protect the leather from water or rough surfaces.
Buckles &
Selecting the right hardware for each piece is a crucial part of the crafting process. We often use hard-wearing mixed alloys and steel for load-bearing brackets and fittings, with premium brushed brass as our preference for more decorative hardware fittings.

25 Year Guarantee

At Maxwell-Scott we promise to be transparent, trustworthy and loyal to all of our customers. We stand by our promise of fine design and exceptional quality craftsmanship by offering a 25-year guarantee with each and every purchase.


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