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With the changes in technology, laptops are becoming a more common daily essential than ever before. Just as choosing a laptop may be down to personal preference, so will choosing a bag or accessory to carry it in. As laptops are a large investment, you want to make sure that investment is protected by purchasing a durable laptop bag, whether working at a desk, on a train, plane or restaurant table.

Leather laptop sleeve For years laptop users were restricted to carrying synthetic cases for their laptops and Mac books. These days the need for a more stylish option can be readily found. When purchasing a carrier for your laptop, MacBook or iPad, consider your daily work and leisure needs.

Maxwell - Scott produces a range of leather laptop, business bags, and sleeves to fit many sizes of computers. Should you require a stylish business bag in which to carry your laptop, the Calvino leather business bag will accommodate a 15" MacBook in a specially designed pocket, as well as papers and other daily essentials. The Volterra leather laptop bag, on the other hand, has more of a traditional look and has a separate compartment for the computer.

Laptop sleeves are designed to hold the laptop, MacBook or iPad and nothing else. Traditionally they are used to give the laptop added protection when carrying it within another bag. Maxwell - Scott's range of luxury leather laptop sleeves the Bovino, Verzino and Davoli range in size from 13", 15" and 17" respectively, accommodating most sizes of computer.

It is important to consider the features of any leather laptop bag, as well as the style to ensure it meets your lifestyle as well as practical needs.

Sturdy Straps: This is one of the most important features to consider when purchasing a leather laptop bag, after all, if the carry straps fail, the laptop can potentially be damaged. Make sure that they are securely fastened to the bag and can carry the weight of your laptop. Here at Maxwell - Scott we double stitch our shoulder straps and carry handles to ensure they are strong and secure.

Leather laptop sleeveA Laptop Pocket: Specially designed laptop bags should have a pocket designed for a laptop that will keep it secure and protect it from harm.The laptop should fit snugly inside the pocket even if the bag is open. Should you be using a bag or briefcase not designed to carry laptops specifically, then a leather laptop sleeve would be a good investment.

Storage Capacity: As well as carrying a laptop, some bags will have additional room for carrying other work-related items or even a change of clothes for travelling. It is important to consider how much additional room you will need in your bag prior to choosing a particular style.

Guarantee: Considering that your laptop is an expensive investment, you may want to consider investing in a good quality leather laptop bag or sleeve to carry and protect the laptop. A repair or replace service is worth investigating in as you will want the reassurance that the bag is not only good quality but will stand the test of time. Maxwell - Scott offer a 25-year guarantee with all of our leather laptop and business bags.

Colour: Once you have made a decision about the style and features required for your laptop accessory, colour is the final consideration. Here at Maxwell - Scott we produce all of our luxury leather laptop bags and laptop sleeves in three sumptuous leather colours, night black, dark chocolate and chestnut tan. Black is the most formal colour ideal for suits and work wear, whilst chestnut tan is the ideal country casual colour. However, should you require a colour which lends itself to both smart and casual wear, then dark chocolate is the ideal compromise.

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