The Vittore

Leather Billfold Wallet


Was £90

The Giovane L

Large Canvas Luggage Bag


The Vittore Croco

Leather Billfold Wallet


The Sparano

Leather Backpack


Was £238

The DonniniS

Leather Medical Bag


Was £377

The Ravenna

Classic Leather Shoulder Bag For Men


Was £450

The FleroS

Small Leather Holdall Bag


Was £448



Whether you're heading to an important meeting with the Calvino briefcase or jumping on a plane with the Flero M holdall, we want to follow you on your journey. Instagram your Maxwell Scott leather bags and accessories with the hashtag #MadeByMaxwellScott so we can join you on life's adventures. Your image may even be featured on the Maxwell-Scott account.

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