leather care

How To Store Leather Bags and Accessories

At Maxwell Scott we pride ourselves on our detailed knowledge of leather. The cowhides that we use are vegetable-tanned and thus this natural material can require extra attention in order for it to be kept in pristine condition.

Here our Head Embosser and trusted repair guru, Philip, offers his advice about how to best to store your leather bags and accessories so that your treasured possessions will last years of use…

leather care

Tip #1

One of the most important ways to care daily for your leather is to make sure that you do not store it wet. If you have been caught in the rain, simply brush off the excess water and leave it to dry naturally.


Tip #2

Secondly when storing a bag or accessory make sure that they are emptied before being stored. This prevents any leakages that could stain the leather. Empty, the bag will not be distorted or stained.

As a side note, it is also best not to put anything heavy on top which could leave indentations that are then difficult to rectify.


leather care

Tip #3

Finally, on a daily basis, it is best to keep your leather briefcase, handbag or accessory at room temperature. The leather cannot become too hot and therefore I would say that next to a boiler cupboard for example will certainly negatively affect your treasured possession.

“Working with leather has been my life for over two decades” – Philip


Tip #4

A key thing to remember in the long, and short, term is that our leather is a natural material. Therefore it needs to be able to breathe. This means that pieces from our collections should not be kept in plastic but instead, for example, in the Maxwell Scott dustbag. This will protect your briefcase or handbag whilst allowing it to still breathe.


Tip #5

Lastly, your leather will need some TLC whilst it is being stored long term. A little light leather cream will prolong the life of the leather.  It is a simple step but something which will help the look of your leather for the coming decades.

leather care

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