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Our Factory

Located in Tuscany, our factory has an unrivaled commitment to quality. Our Italian partners are incurable perfectionists, and we couldn’t imagine trusting anybody else to make our bags.

Founder William’s desire to honour traditional manufacturing methods and to source only the finest full-grain leather lured him to the world-renowned leather region of Tuscany, Italy.

After months of exploring this esteemed Italian leather industry and meeting the passionate artisans that kept it alive, William knew that he wouldn’t find anywhere better for the sourcing and production of his leather bags.

“Keeping the tradition alive.”

For over two hundred years, this region has been the beating heart of the luxury leather industry. The world’s best leather artisans and innovators converge along the banks of the river Arno from Florence to Pisa, inspired by generations of craftsmen before them. They have exclusive access to authentic leather tanneries and the very finest full-grain, vegetable tanned leather, guaranteed by the well-respected Italian Consortium of Leather Tanners.

“Tuscany is the beating heart of the Italian leather industry.”

Every piece from Maxwell Scott Bags is created here by the skilled hands of our fifteen craftsmen, working to the strictest technical and ethical guidelines. Their dedication to their craft and traditional family values are enshrined and truly reflected in our brand.

This prestigious and high quality method of production, combined with our distinctive British designs, gives you the unmistakable, everlasting beauty of Maxwell Scott Bags.

meet the artisans

“Our factory’s dedication to their craft is unrivalled.”

Paolo, Leather Cutter at our Scandicci factory for fifteen years.

He carves the leather into patterns to give our bags their unique shape. His hands only know the grain of a high quality, vegetable-tanned hide. They bear precision and confidence after years of learning from his father and grandfather. Only his meticulous eye and steady hand is trusted to get the most accurate pattern from the leather, creating a perfect canvas for our bags.

Amalia, Leather Craftworker at our Scandicci factory for twenty four years.

For the entirety of her working life, Amalia has walked down the same cobbled street every morning to work at our factory – a ritual she has continued to love. Amalia looks after the finishing touches of our bags, ensuring they are in pristine condition before leaving the factory for England. She understands the form and design of our bags better than anyone.