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Meet Orazio: The Man Behind Our Leather Craftsmanship

With nearly 75 years in the leather industry under his belt, Domenico, or as he is fondly known Orazio, is the head of the Italian family at the backbone of Maxwell Scott’s leather craftsmanship.
Strong, driven and committed to the art of leather, Orazio is a key member of our family…

leather craftsmanship
Orazio's Dedication To His Craft

Behind the factory which symbolises the quality and the dedication to the artisanship that we at Maxwell Scott are committed to, there is one man. One man who has dedicated his life to leather.

Orazio started working in the leather industry when he was just 13 years of age. In a factory in the mosaicked town of Ravenna, he began to learn of the art that has been honed for centuries within the Italian leather industry.

Pescara - the birthplace of our craftsmanship
His Story

After five years there, Orazio was ready for a new challenge. A decision which would define his life. In order to take advantage of the economic boom that occurred in Italy in the 1960s and 1970s, in 1961 he opened a factory with his brothers. This time working in Verona, this medieval town was the perfect backdrop to the factory which sort to preserve the tradition imbued within the production of leather goods of which Orazio was acutely aware. It wasn’t

until 1975 that Orazio opened the factory in San Benedetto del Tronto that today produces the Maxwell Scott collections. This came after working in Bologna for a while and then in the early 1970s in Alba Adriatica, near to where he was born. A man whose heart intrinsically belongs to leather, Orazio built his factory on acquired knowledge. This knowledge derives from the wealth of experience which he has earned through nothing despite hard-work and drive.

leather factory
Orazio and Roberto
leather craftsmanship
Orazio's home of Pescara
His Family Values

His path however was not easy. Undoubtedly, Orazio had to make a lot of sacrifices in the beginning. It was a difficult start. And yet, the people around him, reflecting his own drive, had high ambitions and continuing enthusiasm. He had moved for sentimental reasons and it is this strong Italian familial bond that steered him through the choppiest of waters. He built a space with an architect for the whole family where

 their working and living space could live in harmony. He epitomises family. This symbiotic relationship between family and work continues to the present day. Currently three intertwined families live here – Roberto’s, Diana’s and Domenico’s. His children, Roberto, Mara and Diana, have now taken over the daily life of the factory with his son Roberto heading up production.

“The effervescent passion for the finest Italian leather and craftsmanship that runs through his veins, runs through ours.”

Today, at the age of 86, Orazio still pushes his team to achieve the highest standards possible. Now, despite the initial hardship, he misses the early days of the factory when everyone surrounding him was as ambitious as him. These remain the traits that he seeks for in the new generation of leather workers. As a man who has dedicated his life to leather craftsmanship, this is close to his heart.

leather craftsmanship
Orazio with his children; Roberto, Diana and Mara

This continues into his sartorial choices. A true Italian gentleman, he takes great pride in his appearance. When he knew his photo was to be taken he asked for the specific dress code and changed three times throughout the shoot day. He comprehends that it is important to represent the factory and his family well, and that the primary impression he could make would be through his clothing. The rest, as it seems to always do in the work of the most successful of people, would follow.

Orazio's Favourite Briefcase: The Paolo