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About Maxwell – Scott

Maxwell - Scott is a British born leather makers based in North Yorkshire. We stand for impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design. Our main motive is to create perennial leather pieces that will travel through life with you and remain classic. An antidote to fast fashion, Maxwell - Scott is a symbol of longevity, heritage and artistry...
about maxwell scott

The beginning...

Founded in 2002 by William Scott Forshaw, Maxwell Scott stems from William's desire to create traditional, well-crafted briefcases to suit a modern businessman's lifestyle. He began selling his first briefcase, The Paolo, to businessmen on their lunch break. Now, Maxwell Scott offers all professionals impeccably made leather goods for every aspect of their lifestyle, whether travelling the world or heading to a meeting in the city.

We pride ourselves on solely manufacturing in Italy. The epicentre of the leather industry, Italian leather craftsmanship is undoubtedly the finest in the world. Over the years, William has discovered a handful of niche family-run factories boasting incredibly skilled leather artisans. His aim is to support these independent factories in a bid to keep Italy's prestigious craft alive. William strives to help keep their highly-skilled and reputable craftsmanship alive. Iconic for preserving traditional artisan methods, there is an honesty to the Italians’ leather craft that is entirely unrivalled.

Meet William Forshaw: The Man Behind Our Bags

The Italian Leather Artisans Behind Our Craftsmanship

Our Leather
We solely craft with full grain leather sourced from Western cowhides. Boasting the tightest structure, full grain is the most durable part of the hide, destined for a lifetime of wear. Full grain reveals the natural characteristics of leather, developing a unique and desirable patina over time.
Honouring organic methods such as vegetable tanning, no synthetic or chemical substances are used to dye our leathers. As well as being environmentally friendly, this ensures a rich and unique patina on the surface of our bags - a finish most desired by the world's finest.
A brand built on passion, the heart fused into the Maxwell - Scott emblem symbolises the devotion of our Italian leather artisans to their craft and our commitment to offering first-class quality leather keepsakes. William’s vision for the future is to help preserve Italy’s traditional leather industry and inspire the world to invest in timeless leather pieces that will stand the test of time.
Meet The Team
Maxwell - Scott is a family-run business based in the historic cathedral city of York in North Yorkshire. Despite honouring traditional craftsmanship, we are an eCommerce business that aspires to be at the very forefront of the digital age. With eight websites worldwide, our culturally diverse team works with every corner of the globe, from France to Australia.
about maxwell scott

Learn About The Maxwell - Scott Team

about maxwell scott

Behind The Scenes: Our SS18 Campaign

Who Is Maxwell - Scott?
about maxwell scott
Customer Service
At Maxwell - Scott, we pride ourselves on delivering impeccable customer service that reflects the premium quality of our bags and accessories. Our customer service team offer well-informed advice fused with the friendly charm Yorkshire is known for. Whether you ordered from us yesterday or several years ago, we will always aim to answer your query as quickly and efficiently as possible.