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About Maxwell-Scott

Maxwell - Scott honours impeccable Italian craftsmanship and classic, understated British design.

We strive to create impeccably-crafted bags that you'll keep by your side for decades. Classic, timeless investment pieces to pass down through your family's generations. Our leather is vegetable-tanned for a more sustainable approach to dying and offers a unique and desirable patina.Handcrafted in San Benedetto del Tronto in Italy, Maxwell - Scott's bags and accessories champion the finest craftsmanship in the industry.

Meet William Forshaw: The Man Behind Our Bags

The Italian Leather Artisans Behind Our Craftsmanship

Our Leather
We are fully committed to seeking out the most highly-regarded tanneries in Europe to offer you the finest quality leather bags and accessories...
We mainly source our leather hides from Italy - unrivalled within the industry for their impeccable standards and overflowing wealth of knowledge. For our unique leathers, we have not been afraid to venture further afield to ensure that we keep our promise to deliver the finest quality.
As part of our quest to provide leather pieces that will stand the test of time, we are meticulous in sourcing leather that is solely full grain. Full grain is exclusively extracted from the top layers of the hide where its structure is the tightest and the most durable. Our signature leather is vegetable-tanned and unfinished, allowing the leather to breathe, develop a unique patina over time and maintain its natural characteristics.
Meet The Team
Maxwell - Scott is a family-run business based in the historic cathedral city of York in North Yorkshire. Despite honouring traditional craftsmanship, we are an eCommerce business that aspires to be at the very forefront of the digital age. With eight websites worldwide, our culturally diverse team works with every corner of the globe, from France to Australia.
about maxwell scott
Customer Service
At Maxwell - Scott, we pride ourselves on delivering impeccable customer service that reflects the premium quality of our bags and accessories. Our customer service team offer well-informed advice fused with the friendly charm Yorkshire is known for. Whether you ordered from us yesterday or several years ago, we will always aim to answer your query as quickly and efficiently as possible.