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stylish gentlemen on instagram

The Top 4 Most Stylish Gentlemen On Instagram

Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw, once expressed that gentlemen must put more into the world than they take out. In today’s digital world, some gentlemen accomplish this practice through an immaculately polished Instagram feed. Here, discover five of the most stylish gentlemen on Instagram…

Mr Jack Reynolds, Melbourne

His Instagram:

His Style: Italiano-inspired preppy fused with laidback minimalism.

Known as ‘ItsmeJack’ on Instagram, Mr Reynolds is no stranger to a tailored suit and classic brogue. Despite living in Australia, this Aussie-born instragrammer’s style bears reference to a quintessential English gentleman. His preferred aesthetics fall at both ends of the style spectrum – one day his feed shows him by the coast in sportswear, the next day he’s reading the paper in a double-breasted suit – his Micheli briefcase by his side. The envy of all beard-desirers around the world, his incredibly impressive facial hair and tall stature makes him an ideal muse for tailoring and gentlemanly inspiration. If you’re looking for advice on how to look equally as dapper in both formalwear and casualwear, Mr Reynolds is most definitely worthy of a follow.

Mr Brian Sacawa, Philadelphia

His Instagram:

His style: Timeless tailoring, classic colours and polished lines.

Mr Sacawa has many sophisticated strings to add to his bow. Former professional musician, elite-level cyclist and owner of men’s style blog, he’s a gentleman with real substance and success. With 176,000 follows on Instagram and counting, his polished feed takes you from New York to Milan as he shares his love for the finer things in life – think classic timepieces, high-performance cars and, of course, a suit or two. There’s no other way to describe it – his style is, just, sharp. With never a thread out of place, it’s difficult to imagine Mr Sacawa donning a pair of jogging bottoms on his mid-morning walk for a Sunday paper. His catalogue of tailored pieces is impressive, from checked double-breasted suits to timeless mac coats. If Mr Bond was an Instagram influencer, there is absolutely no doubt that this stylish gentleman could give him a run for his money in the style stakes.

Mr Chris Burt-Allen, London

His Instagram:

His style: Sixties/Seventies nostalgia meets an abundance of denim and shearling.

If vintage is your aesthetic, Mr Burt-Allen is your gentleman. He is certain to fill your newsfeed with colourful aviators, battered leather jackets and boldly printed shirts. A modern-day James Dean, it’s possible that you may fall in love with his Instagram feed’s perfect blend of nostalgia and modernity. For this fashion-savvy gentleman, it’s all about the details. Whether he fuses a fifties-inspired Hawaain shirt with brand new reeboks or a baker boy hat with a pair of flared corduroy trousers, he’s the master of looking both current and old-school at the same time. His Instagram feed comes with a warning – you are likely to feel incredibly uncool after scrolling through it.

Mr Maxime Heras, Paris

His Instagram:

His style: Suit-sneaker combos, bold checks and effortless tailoring.

It’s impossible to live in Paris without style rubbing off on you slightly. There must be something in the Parisian air. Mr Heras proves that the French know a thing or two about gentlemanly style – his feed is packed with tailored ensembles, cashmere rollnecks, and classic loafers. With most of his shots offering incredible backdrops of Paris’ grand streets, his Instagram will transport you from your office desk to the chicest of lives in France’s stylish capital. As well as fashion, Mr Heras also champions a well-considered grooming routine – something most true gentlemen should contemplate. Follow him if you desire skincare and haircare recommendations from a gentleman who clearly knows how to present himself in his best form.

A post shared by Maxime Heras (@maxime_heras) on

A post shared by Maxime Heras (@maxime_heras) on

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